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Super Easy Camping Breakfast Idea

Wouldn't it would be great to find something cheap and tasty to pack for a camping trip or for a go bag? So you can focus on beautiful scenes like this instead:

From what I've never seen, that seems too great to pass up, is a quick easy breakfast that takes up so little room in a bag and nearly everyone likes it. Now, when I had a vacuum sealer, this worked so well. Someday I will have one again. Someday! Back to my easy, quick breakfast. Oatmeal and Hot Cocoa. That is what I haven't seen. Why? Both come in packages and only need hot water to get them going. For the hubs and teen boys I have done 2 and 2 so they get full. But really, put them in a packet and seal it up. How fantastic is that? You hear so much these days about having a 2 week supply of food, well, there ya go. Breakfast is served. Your welcome. I am a Sam's Club girl cause my daddy pays for my membership every year (thanks Dad!) so, that's where my price break down will come from.

A 52 Count variety box of Quaker Oatmeal packets is $9.87. That's $0.18980769 a packet. Just to be precise.

Here's a link to order from our favorite seller, Amazon, if you are going for convenience. Which will change your cost but, we love quick and easy. I'm with ya on that.

A 60 count box of Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa packets is $5.86. That's $0.00976666667 a packet. (can that even be a monetary value?) Again, just to be precise. Or one cent each if you like to round stuff. Got to have a link here too. Alright, if this hasn't got you thinking than this will. That's around $0.28 a meal or $0.56 if your a big eater. Two packets of oatmeal and one cup of hot cocoa is $0.46. Whoa. Then, you have two other meals you can put more money into. I'll have another post on some of my ideas for those. Anyone like jambalaya?

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