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Book Review!!

So, for my first book review I will start with one of my fave authors-Quinn Loftis!

She has written twenty novels including the USA Today Best seller Fate and Fury. Her newest book: The Viking's Chosen has her teamed up with Clean Teen Publishing (another fave!). This is the first novel in The Clan Hakon Series. It released on February 12, 2018.

I entered a giveaway through Clean Teen Publishing for a chance to win an e-copy and..... I won!! Totally would have bought it but, it was amazing to win.

Here's the synopsis:

His orders are clear: launch a raid against England and bring home the spoils of war. But the prophecy is also clear: General Torben will take a foreign bride — one who is a seer and healer just like his mother. The eldest princess of England is said to be just that… a beautiful, charming, and headstrong woman. But he's a Viking army general and she's an English princess — and one who is already promised to the king of Tara.

Two worlds collide in this epic historical fiction centered on an undeniable chemistry that smolders against the odds. Richly written and injected with moments of humor, this action-packed romantic tale will leave you breathless.

My first thoughts are Quinn has a knack for weaving the right amount of strength and vulnerability into her lead female characters, which I love. In every one of her books that I have read they would pass the Bechtel test with her always having a strong female support group and other things to talk about besides boys! It is a historical romance, however. Most of it is centered around Torben and Allete's growing relationship.

Needless to say, I will be reading the second book to the series, The Viking's Captive, when it comes out in November.

If you like this one, check her first claim to fame, The Gray Wolf series. It has ten books that will keep you hooked.

Clean Teen Publishing has The Viking's Chosen listed as YA-M on it's rating system for some more 'of age' scenes. There disclosure system has helped me alot when finding books for my 12 yr old avid reader. The ladies who started the publishing company authored The ELE project series. Another fave!

I just need to write a post about that too!

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