Hi! I'm Hope

I grew up in a small town in Oklahoma.

The first time I saw the ocean was in 2009 at Myrtle Beach. That was a life changing moment for me. How small and safe I felt peering out over those endless waves. I had to move closer to those magical waves. My husband agreed and we put our house up for sale and packed our things.  


Life has been the proverbial roller coaster ride for sure. High and lows. Even the lows seem to bring growth and learning.


We started our homeschooling journey through a rough time and liked it so much we kept going! 


My writing adventure came in the last few years. Listening to a renowned speaker one day I was inspired (my word for letting my imagination run wild when I was supposed to be listening)  I had an idea for a book. Fiction, of course.


My mother, sister, myself and my daughter are all avid readers. Fiction is our fave. That is how Final Sanctuary came to be.


Have a question? Comment? Let's talk!

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